How To Create And Edit Modules




  • Dianne M Daniels

    Hi Jigsaw Box team,

    The YouTube videos are very good - thanks!

  • JSB Support

    Thanks, we aim to please! Just wait till we get our nice shiny, easy to see ones back, hopefully by the end of the weekend!

  • Richard Walker

    Pleeeez can we have text versions so I can see at a glance whether this will answer my questions?

    R :)

  • Richard Walker

    The left hand side of the video clip screen is not visible....

  • Raven

    At this time we do not offer manuals for the How To images.  Please let us know at if you continue to have trouble viewing our videos.

  • Terri Babers

    I agree! a text version of these tutorials would be much more helpful than the video

  • Clemens


    Also agree. Text is more helpful if you are just wanting a single point addressed.

    Also, the left hand side of this video is cut off.

  • Clemens

    NVM - I found the instruction to view the video in full screen. Shows beautifully.

    BTW, just a little tip: the jigsawbox blue font on the orange background can be very difficult to read on some monitors.

  • Raven

    Thank you for your feedback.  We will be considering written instructions for a future update.  To view the full video, please the button to the right of the 0:00, this will display the video in full screen and allow the entire video to be shown.

  • Cena Block

    I'm curious... The video states that the HTML code will begin with "object data' but my HTML code for my images begins with "image" - is this okay? I see the images in the text of the modules, but I just want to be sure. Thank you.

  • Claralynn

    Hi Cena,


    Yes that is correct - for an image, it will start '<img alt="" height="233" .....' or something similar.


    Best wishes


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