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    Suellen Hughes

    Thank you very much for listening to our feedback and taking action.

    I'm yet to trial my new welcome letter but am sure it will be great.

    Really appreciated.



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    I've just tried this, but the link for the client didn't come through on the letter. Do I have to manually add this? Do they go directly to www.jigsaw or is there a package-specific link? Thanks, Sam.
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    The welcome email has been designed to be very basic so that you can make it suit your needs.  If you want to customize it and include links to your package for example, you must add those links to the email.   You can find the link to your package by going to the My Packages tab, and copying the Log-in link from the top of the page.  This link is the same link for every single package and is NOT the client link next to the package.  If you have specific questions, feel free to send an email to to make sure you get a reply within 24 hours.

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    Julie Anne Jones


    The package link isn't what new clients need, is it? Isn't the package link the one they use to actually purchase your package? And isn't the welcome letter the letter they get right after they purchase and actually "opt-in" to your system? The link that needs to be included in the custom welcome e-mail is your login link, found at the very top of the My Packages page. That's the link your system provides in the default e-mail that is sent if custom e-mails aren't set up.

    It took me a while to figure this out and it was a little embarrassing because I sent my client no link in the first e-mail and then the wrong link in the second one. 


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    I'm still not getting this!  I have copied the login link from the top of the My Packages page but when my clients click onto it it takes them to the Jigsawbox front page where they see offers for 14 day free trials of Jigsawbox NOT the login screen bearing my own logo and branding.  I thought once a client had signed up for a package EVERYTHING they saw was in my branding.  They get to the Jigsawbox screen and then panic and don't go further and I think it looks very unprofessional.

    AM I still putting the wrong links into the Welcome e-mail?  I'm panicking now because all my marketing material goes out tomorrow!!!!

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    Julie Anne Jones

    Jullie - if you log in to Jigsawbox and go to "My Packages" you'll see a link at the top of that page (just under all of the tabs) that says: 

    Link for client login:

    You'll notice that this link has your actual username at the end. It took me a while to figure this out, but this link will take your users to your branded login page. Good luck!

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    Evelyn Simpson

    We have a package on our jigsaw box which all of our coaches can use.  We want to personalise the welcome e-mail so that it comes from the individual coach assigned to the client but I can't see a way of creating a field in the e-mail.  Please advise.  

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