Brand new JigsawBox account - How to get past the initial screen screen




  • A Bayly


    I want to access my modules. i have filled out each box in My Account except Avatar as I have no idea what that means.

    How can i access my modules. I don't want to set up a website and URL as I am not a business.

    Can you help please.

    Ang Bayly   NLP program.

  • Claralynn



    You do need to fill out all the required (*) info.  So if you don't have a URL, you can use to use in the website URL area.

    If you would like me to have a look into your account, do email us at with your username so we can check this for you.

    Best wishes


  • Ada Gonzalez

    I have my info done. I can access my modules. What I can't access (and I thought we had access free for at least a few days) is the section of the section of the jigsaw box where I can at least outline my modules. I'm on the second week of the program and it would be great to be able to create my program into the jigsaw box. How can I access that? From the beginning it mentioned something abut the right corner, but that has never been visible on my jogsaw. Please help!!


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