Raven October 1, 2011 FAQs / FAQs

The JigsawBox Support Desk operates Monday-Friday:

  • 9:00am - 5:00pm UK time

 If you are a current JigsawBoxer - the best way to contact us in in-app, using the blue messenger icon on the lower right side of the screen.  Just log into your JigsawBox and you'll see it right there :)

You can contact the Support Team by creating a new request here in the Support Area, or by emailing us at  All requests are answered within 24 hours, weekdays.


If you are a user, please include your username in your query. 

If you are having a technical issue, please include:

-What browser you are using

-What version of the browser you are using

-Screenshots/Videos to show us the issue

-If the issue is inside a module, please let us know which module

If you submit a ticket on a Friday, your request may be responded to the following Monday.

We value all of our JigsawBoxers and work as hard as we can to answer your queries as quickly as possible!

Our support tickets are responded to in the order that we receive them - please do not send multiple requests for the same issue.



JigsawBox Support Apr 29 FAQs / FAQs

Please be aware that we cannot account for buffering time.  This is completely dependent on your internet connection and speed. 

You can tell that the video is buffering as the line at the bottom will move along as it loads:


Blue -Length of time played

Red - Buffering

Yellow - Full length of video

If the blue arrow reaches the the red arrow - the video will stop.  You need to pause the video and allow time for it to buffer.

If it is not a buffering issue, then you may need to look at your computer settings.  If there are certain blockers set up, it may stop the video from playing (this can be set up in your firewall or anti-virus software). 
Make sure you have the most up to date version of Flash player and media windows player.
Make sure you are running on the most current version of your chosen browser.

We do do not recommend using Internet Explorer.
Try watching the video on another device, this will help to determine whether there is an issue with the device you originally used.

If you are getting an error message with the video, then you need to contact your coach or the company who you purchased the package from.  They upload the content and the video is hosted outside of JigsawBox, and they will need to rectify the problem with the video.  Check your receipt for this information.

If you have done all this and are still having an issue, please contact us at


JigsawBox Support August 13, 2013 Get Started, Help & Support Library / How To.....

Welcome to JigsawBox Support!

So, you've got your brand new shiny JigsawBox - but where to start? Here are some simple steps to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

We've given you the absolute basics here - but please just have a browse around here for more tips and tools, check out the blog for more great marketing and JigsawBox tips, and of course, submit a support ticket if you're really stuck!

We are only human (not robots!) so please know that we'll get back to your requests within 24 hours.

How To Get Started Quickly

Click HERE to get our How To Get Started Quickly Guide


Use The Forum

Like we said, we've given you the absolute basics here - but please just click 'how can we help you?' above and you'll find whole load more tips and tools - and the answers to all your questions there.


JigsawBox Case Studies

We have some great case studies for you to watch on how other customers have successfully connected their vision to Jigsawbox. Please click the link here to watch the videos.


Happy JigsawBoxing!!